Photography Workshop 


We get asked all the time about our lighting techniques, the gear we use, our editing process, and how we get natural expressions and genuine emotion out of our clients.  So we’ve got some great news! We are hosting a workshop where we will be teaching about all of this and more. Don't worry, you wont just be sitting around listening to us talk. After teaching we will give you a chance to apply these techniques by getting out and shooting. Lastly there will be a time to ask questions about what you’ve learned. 

Community over Competition

Whether you are a seasoned professional or taking your first steps as a photographer we believe you have something to offer the creative community. Our goal is to cultivate a space filled with amazing people who want to share and learn from each other. Photography workshops are one of the most valuable tools to not only gain knowledge and invest in your business but to create community and to be inspired by those around you.  

True growth comes from pushing yourself. Let us help you do that!


What we will cover:

  • Portrait shooting techniques
  • Off Camera and Natural light 
  • Lightroom editing and workflow experience. 
  • Posing, Client engagement, and getting natural expressions
  • Web-presence and SEO

When and Where:   

Saturday February 18th

1pm- 5pm 

at our studio in Grant Park

Cost: $375


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