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atlanta commercial photography: Res Ipsa

We have been working with these guys for several years now, and their business has grown alongside ours. Recently Res Ipsa expanded their product line to include handbags, rugs, backpacks and more. Each unique product needs a great photograph that represents the detail and quality of their handmade items. The challenge of working with a company that is always innovating and developing new products is to deliver a consistent image that will transfer across their entire brand. Through set up, product placement, and dependable editing we've been able to translate their unique brand image consitently through each product. The commercial photography shoot below is from their most recent batch of new goodies. While this shoot added a new challenge... Photographing 9x6 foot rugs! It's never a dull moment with these guys and they make sure to keep us on our toes or in this case 10 feet in the air.

Jason HalesComment