Dasani | Global Lifestyle Advertising Campaign Photography + Production | Atlanta, GA

When we made our goals for 2018, Coca-Cola was at at the top of the list of companies we wanted to work with.  We had forgotten this until we were standing in the global headquarters of Coca-Cola picking our notebook up off the floor.  It had just accidentally fallen to an old page that had our goals for 2018.  Chills.  Coca-Cola.  Here we were standing in their HQ having our first in person meeting after being awarded the production and photography for two Coke projects.  One was with Dasani (photos below), and the other with Dasani Sparkling (click here to see those images). Since then, we have photographed two more lifestyle projects with Coca-Cola brands.

These images are for a lifestyle ad campaign featured in print, digital, and in store advertising.  

We had a cast of 18 and a crew of 17 for these two days of shooting.  They were all amazing, and we thank them all so much!