These Eyes Have Seen


We were commissioned by Moon Tide Media to contribute portraits to this passion project for Sunshine Retirement Living.

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These Eyes Have Seen® is a celebration of our elders. It’s a project rooted in the simple idea that by documenting and sharing their stories, we can provide joy, inspiration and guidance to people everywhere. What experiences impacted them most in their long lives? What do they reflect upon with the greatest happiness, or regret? What wisdom can they share with us? The stories are as diverse as the faces of the subjects themselves and, taken together, they offer a unique perspective on what it means to lead a life well-lived. These Eyes Have Seen® lives on the web and on Facebook. We hope you’ll join our community and help us to share these amazing people and their stories with the world.

These Eyes Have Seen® is a passion project of Sunshine Retirement Living and is produced in partnership with Moon Tide Media.