Atlanta Commercial Photographer


atlanta commercial photography: morningstar

Morningstar, a storing solutions company, gave us the opportunity to help update their online brand. We collaborated with their branding agency to produce new visual content for their website. As Atlanta based commercial photographers, we were able to travel to Charlotte North Carolina where we worked on location at one of their flagstaff facilities. We had to think on our feet due to the challenges of this shoot. We visited 6 locations during the day, while many were still open for business, and we were working with actual employees as our models. The advertisement agency also had specific parameters for the images that would best suit the website including composing for text and placement. All together, with a crew consisting of a set stylist as well as hair and makeup artist, we were able to get some great shots that will further their brand image and add a new level of professionalism to their online presence.

Jason HalesComment