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atlanta editorial photography | Dreaming of Leaving

Dreaming of Leaving is a fashion editorial piece experimenting with a mix of modern and vintage fashion in historical but timeless sets. 

The models are captured in dream-like states peering out of train windows or dazed in thought. While they may be dreaming of leaving a current place or situation, the absence of others on their transit route hints that this moment is fictional as well. 

Color played an important role in this shoot as evident through the location, wardrobe, and overall mood of the images.

Photos: Jason Hales | Production: Natalie Hales | Production assistance: Jess Vass | Models: Katie Williams of MP Management, Liv Rickheim and Bethel Tesfaye of Salt Models | Wardrobe and styling: Christina Swilley | Hair and Makeup: Ashley Gray | Retouching: Josh Jarrett | Location: Southeastern Railway Museum

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