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Gaining Tricks and Skills along the Beltline

Bearings Bike Shop is a company that we have been working with for several years now, so we wanted to make a Local Feature blog all about the amazing things their doing in our community. 

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The company started out as just a couple moving into a neighborhood and realizing a need for the community. They now have two locations and have helped so many children living in the city of Atlanta earn bikes of their very own. 

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This is from their About page:

“The mission of Bearings Bike Shop is to bring skills to life while illuminating the pathways for possibilities and this extends far beyond teaching kids to earn and maintain a bicycle. We work with young people to help them leverage their inner strengths, build self-confidence, gain valuable employability skills, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve their individual goals. Bearings empowers youth as they develop into successful leaders with purpose, character, and confidence.

Although the prospect of earning a bike is what draws kids to the program, the excitement of learning new skills and being a part of a community keeps them returning, week after week. We exist to engage kids in meaningful, hands-on youth development activities, primarily delivered in three program models.” 

Read about their program models and more here

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We love working with Bearings Bike Shop not only because of the vision we are supporting, but because these kids are a joy to work with. Getting to see the happiness on their faces when they get in front of the camera and seeing them nail tricks on their bike like a pro, makes our job fun and worth it. 

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Next time you're on the eastside Beltline trail swing in to say hi and see what great things they are doing!