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TBH we were spooked on Set

We produced a short film in collaboration with The Bitter Southerner that was featured on halloween. The Bitter Southerner came to us with a story idea that was too good to pass up.  It's about our friend Kyle (aka Black Cat Tips) and his wife Maria. They moved to an old farmhouse near Arabia Mountain and have been seeing some mysterious things ever since.  Watch the film here to get the full story, but check out our BTS images below and read about our own personal spooky encounters.

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This film explores possible explanations and features Clint & Heather from Georgia Paranormal Investigators. If you’ve got some spooky stuff going on in your home, be sure to call this awesome team! They even caught what sounded like inappropriate words on tape, and decided to turn the recorder off. So we’ll admit that we were ready to wrap soon after.

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Hearing Kyle and Maria talk about their experiences was spooky enough, but we were also filming this video well into the night. So a few of our team members even felt some weird vibes as it got dark. Our fog machines and camp fire probably didn’t help brighten the mood.

Hales Photo-ghosts in road-bts-web-1026.jpg
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All in all, we had a fun time on set. It was a project unlike anything we have done before, and we’re happy with the outcome. View the full video here.