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It takes a TEAM to make magic, and grey jerseys help too!

When Dasani reached out to us and told us they needed image for ALL of their Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer clients, we were struck with a big question! 

How are we going to photograph our talent in EVERY SINGLE MLB + MLS JERSEY?

Short answer: No way Jose!

There is no way we would have had the time to do this or the wardrobe budget to purchase all the jerseys. I don’t think I need to tell our local Atlanta fans how much an Atlanta United Jersey costs. They aren’t cheap. 

So the solution to our problem was for our models to wear a grey jersey that could be photoshopped with any teams jersey.

We would get “THE” shot with the grey jersey and then take a reference shot with our models in either an Atlanta Braves or an Atlanta United Jersey. This way the designers could look at where the real jersey’s logos are placed, and where the wrinkles tend to lay from the reference shot.

A lot of compositing was also involved in the editing process. So you’ll notice a big difference between the left and right images because not only were the jerseys edited, but people have been switched out from other shots, scenes have been cropped, and they have been retouched.

20180726-dasani mls mlb0699.jpg

Our models were constantly changing, and our wardrobe stylist had to keep up with all our talents sizes. In the end, the images came together nicely, and we can’t wait to see them in soccer and baseball stadiums around the country. 

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And lastly, we want to thank this awesome team for being a part of this photoshoot.

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