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Hales Photo Family Lifestyle Commercial Advertising Photography Production Marketing Atlanta Georgia

It can be tricky to deliver an authentic family lifestyle advertising photoshoot. Having an amazing cast in this beautiful home supported by a skilled crew made for an all around great photography production.


 Family Life at Home

There is an old showbiz trope “Never work with children or animals” spoken by W.C. Fields. If you have ever tried to take pictures of either, you know there is wisdom in those words… But sometimes when something is a greater challenge the payoff is also greater. There are times when the client chooses to include children and/or animals, and in those cases I believe the saying can be edited: “Never work with children or animals… without lots of patience and great casting.”

The concept for this photoshoot was to capture a polished slice of life for this mother of two young daughters. This campaign was shot during the middle of a sunny Atlanta summer afternoon with lighting designed to mimic changing times of day. The goal was to capture in camera authentic moments and emotions in predetermined scenes. The idea was to achieve authentic and lightly polished instead of overly refined and out-of-touch.

When you wake up in the morning, get ready for pre-k, are bored and still a little sleepy…. then dad says it’s ok to jump on your parents bed.

This scene was shot during the middle of the day, but we designed it to give you morning sunrise vibes.

Playing on the floor is on of my favorite pastimes. Especially when my big sister is at school.

Again, this scene was shot in the middle of the day. We just wanted to enhance what the sun was already doing with some shadows on the wall and shaping on the baby’s face.

When you’re 9 months old there are few things better than an afternoon nap.

Sipping hot chocolate with mama by a cozy fire on a chilly evening. I just need some more marshmellows.

Except this day was 95 degrees and it was about 2 in the afternoon. Did you notice the moonlight peeking in?

I love it when mama tucks me into bed. She is the bestest book reader.

This scene was designed to look like night time with a practical light in the room and moonlight coming in through the blinds.